How Brown Brothers Harriman is Changing the Conversation on Employee Mental Health

After launching with Lyra in January 2020, Brown Brothers Harriman has emerged as a model for mental health awareness, leveraging their new mental health benefit to support a firmwide strategy designed to change the conversation about mental well-being and creating a more open company culture.

In Lyra, BBH found the elements they needed in a mental health benefit: a full EAP replacement, in-person and virtual care options, and superior technology that makes it easy to access care. The average amount of time to a first appointment has gone from six weeks to six days, and 100% of BBH members report being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their care.

The case study highlights how:

  • Lack of in-network therapists and long wait times led the firm to new solutions that bridge the gap in their mental health benefits
  • BBH has created a dialog to counter long-held stigma in the financial services industry that kept employees from discussing mental health
  • 82% of those in care with a Lyra therapist or mental health coach have shown measurable clinical improvement
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