How Genentech Supports its Workforce with Best-in-Class Mental Health Benefits

Sep 29, 2020

By The Lyra Team

Roche company Genentech is widely recognized as the founder of the biotechnology industry. In Silicon Valley, it’s also known as an outstanding place to work, with enviable employee benefits and daily perks. This reputation has helped the company recruit the world’s top biotech talent to research and develop boundary-pushing medicines for people living with serious diseases.

“When we look at different benefits programs, it’s always about understanding what our competitors are offering and how we can eliminate any barriers as well as support our employees in being their best,” says Deborah Olson, principal benefits manager for U.S. Roche & Genentech.

Despite Genentech’s positive cultural reputation, the company’s human resources and benefits leaders noticed a missing element among their impressive benefits offerings: a comprehensive, evidence-based solution to support employee mental health. 

The behavioral health options available to Genentech employees and dependents through the company’s previous employee assistance program (EAP) made it difficult to find high-quality care. There were several obstacles to mental health provider access for employees who needed it. They included:

  • In-network provider access gaps.
  • Challenges around measuring employee utilization of the EAP’s mental health service.
  • Generic requirements and standards for the therapists.
  • Minimal transparency into care outcomes or member satisfaction. 

Genentech’s benefits team knew it needed a better way to help employees and their families when they needed mental health support. To accomplish this, they decided to partner with Lyra Health.

READ ON TO LEARN WHAT HAPPENED when Genentech replaced its traditional EAP with Lyra.



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