5 ways you can “achieve” good sleep

Engineers and other high tech employees know that working for a start-up means long hours and lost sleep.  It’s unfortunate that sleep continues to get a bad rap as wasted time, even though good sleep is known to yield better work performance.  But when high achievers do decide to attain sleep, oftentimes, their perfectionist tendencies sabotage their rest. That’s because sleep doesn’t function like other items that we can check off of our to-do lists.

To stress or not to stress

A few minutes ago, I realized I was stressing about writing about stress – which has at least a hint of irony to it. Here’s a bit of the story to get us started in our conversation about stress covering how to relate to stress and how to manage it to our advantage.

Holiday blues from social media? Here are some ways to cope

Teddy Roosevelt once said “comparison is the thief of joy.” This is a particularly relevant issue around the holidays, as people are often comparing themselves to others on social media. Popular culture is filled with people who look “happy” and “blissful.” When comparing our life to the lives of others or to what we thought our lives would be, how can we experience joy?

Well-being at work

Everyone wants to shine at their job and be their best, most affable self. The reality is we’re confronted with stressors, large and small—sometimes before we even leave the house in the morning. Some of us are more resilient than others. And some have learned effective coping techniques. But who wouldn’t welcome more well-being and less stress?