Reimagining Mental Health in a New World of Work

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE | MARCH 29, 2022 | 8:30 AM Pacific

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In 2022, Breakthrough brought together more than 1,500 benefits professionals and mental health experts from across the country to explore the latest trends, research, and innovations impacting employee mental health in our new world of work.

Why Attend?

For Employers & Benefits Leaders
For Benefits Consultants
For Providers
Listen in as global professional services firm Aon explores ways to prove the ROI of investing in workforce mental health
Watch sessions with thought leaders from Mercer, Willis Towers Watson, Morgan Stanley, and other forward-thinking companies
Be inspired by top therapists and mental health professionals
Get actionable insights from Cargill, Lululemon, and more on how to create a resilient workforce to protect the future of your business
Stay ahead of key trends to become an essential resource for your clients
Explore the latest research and trends in mental health to enhance your clinical knowledge and skills
Learn how to apply the latest research, trends, and innovations to your own programs
Get tips on assessing and documenting the ROI of a mental health program to maximize your clients’ behavioral health spend
Hear from passionate professionals on topics that can enhance your career
Hear why benefits leaders at Airbnb, Flywire, and Coeur Mining are making mental health care a pillar of their cultures in 2022
Explore the latest mental health research, with recommendations grounded in science
Peek behind the curtain to see culturally responsive care in action

Session Tracks

Join sessions led by world-class experts and packed with helpful insights on topics such as preventing burnout, breaking down mental health stigma, transforming workplace culture, and improving resilience in the workforce.

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Leaving no one behind on their mental health journey

Historically, certain populations—including children, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, and people with complex or highly stigmatized conditions—haven’t had access to quality mental health care. We’ll explore how leaders can break down barriers and stigma to help ensure every employee and family member gets the mental health care they need.


Unlocking the power of your people

Your business’ success depends on your most valuable asset: your people. Stress, burnout, and mental health issues take a toll on employee productivity and retention. Learn about the tools and strategies employee benefits leaders rely on to create a positive work culture and keep their people healthy, productive, and satisfied.


Investing in mental health is good for your business

Today, employees are dealing with a greater level of stress—both work-related and outside of work. Undertreated stress and mental health-related needs directly impact your business, manifesting in low engagement, high turnover, and lower profitability. Learn more about the direct and indirect financial impact of investing in workforce mental health.


By providers, for providers

As mental health providers, we want to deliver the most effective and personalized treatment possible for our clients. In this track, Lyra’s clinical experts will guide you through two highly impactful approaches to care—blended care therapy and culturally responsive care.