Palantir’s Journey to a Comprehensive and Scalable Mental Health Strategy

Palantir’s employees help decision-makers across the globe solve their most urgent business challenges. At the same time, the company’s leadership team considers employee mental health as one of their own most critical challenges to prioritize. With so many apps and digital solutions on the market targeting employee wellness and mental health, it can be hard to understand where to start—especially for a lean benefits team. Discover how Palantir worked over the course of years to find a solution that would ultimately get their employees in care quickly, replace costs elsewhere in their health care spend, and scale as the company grows.

The case study highlights:

  • How a growing company scaled their mental health program from app-based to a more comprehensive and human-centered solution based on data and employee feedback
  • How Palantir’s team evaluated costs of and ultimately gained leadership buy-in for Lyra
  • The value of the partnership between Palantir and their Lyra Customer Success Manager to build a stronger company culture
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