Election 2020 Stress-Buster Toolkit

With over 68% of Americans reporting increased stress due to the upcoming elections, HR and benefits leaders have a unique and vital role to play in helping their colleagues combat election stress. 

To help HR and benefits leaders get started, we’ve collaborated with our clinical team and a few HR leaders to assemble a robust set of resources that we hope provide some relief to your team this election season. 

The toolkit includes:

  • Several quick-reads that provide actionable solutions employees can activate immediately to help decrease stress around the elections
  • 3 “Let’s Talk About That” videos that feature Lyra mental health coaches answering some of the most common questions about managing stress during uncertain times
  • A 60-minute workshop recording led by our in-house clinical team for a deeper dive around combating pre and post election stress

Help your employees elect to put their mental health first this election season with this stress-buster toolkit!