Matte Scheinker

Former product executive at large companies including Yahoo and AOL, and smaller including FutureAdvisor and Hightail.

Roja Bandari, PhD

Apple Machine Learning, Twitter Data Science, PhD and MA in Electrical Engineering, Signals and Systems from UCLA

Connie Chen, MD

Former Co-founder/Chief Medical Officer at Vida Health, Board certified Internal Medicine Physician, On Board of UCSF

Charlene Fuentes, PsyD

Charlene specializes in treating individuals with depression, anxiety, high levels of stress, grief, and those having trouble adjusting to and/or managing chronic medical conditions. She uses a holistic approach to treatment by viewing biological, psychological, and social aspects as important elements to overall health. Her expertise is in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based, goal-oriented therapy…

James Slavet

Backs mission-driven companies that combine technology with a human touch, On board of Redfin, Gofundme, Partner at Greylock

Bryan Roberts, PHD

Venrock partner focused on health care, On board of Grand Rounds, Doctor on Demand, Co-founded Castlight; was on board of Athenahealth

Bob Kocher, MD

Venrock partner focused on health care, Former White House Health Policy Advisor, One of the architects of the Affordable Care Act

Elaine Yang

Extensive finance and operations experience, Led teams at Genentech and Facebook

Jenny Gonsalves

Former VP of Engineering at SugarCRM, CS from University of Toronto

Poornaprajna Udupi

Lead product and application security at Netflix, Founder at BitPlanet, Researcher at Sun Labs, MS from UC, San Diego