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Many treatments practiced today are ineffective.
Lyra only delivers the most effective care.

Lyra uses validated clinical measures, such as the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7, to assess symptom improvement for anxiety, depression, and other common mental health issues. Reliable clinical change is a 6-point difference on the PHQ-9 and a 4-point change on the GAD-7.

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24% stat

Only 24% of members who receive care through health plans demonstrate reliable clinical improvement.

88% stat

88% of Lyra’s members improve or recover.

Grounded in proven treatment methods

Evidence-based treatments, or EBTs, are methods that have been proven effective at reducing symptoms and overall functioning, as defined by the Division of Clinical Psychology of the APA (Chambless & Hollon, 1998; Tolin et al., 2015). Lyra only works with providers who provide these treatments.

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Goal-focused treatment

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New skill development

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Short-term and long-lasting results

The gold standard of measuring improvement

At Lyra, we use “reliable clinical improvement” to measure change, which means that an individual in treatment has improved enough on a measure of clinical symptoms that we don’t believe the change can be accounted for by normal variation in scores or measurement error.

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Our nationwide network, built with the highest quality standards

Thousands of providers across all 50 states offer evidence-based treatments and are specifically recruited to give your employees the highest quality care and diverse options for race/ethnicity, LGBTQ sensitivity, and clinical focus.

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Our recent studies and viewpoints

With thousands of members using Lyra and the largest network of evidence-based providers, we can glean some amazing insights into treatment and provider effectiveness. Read the latest findings from our clinical research team.

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Lyra Clinical Research leadership

Lyra Clinical Research is a team of doctorate-level clinicians and data scientists that delves into key questions about mental health.

Headshot of Connie Chen, MD, Chief Operating Officer

Connie Chen, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Anita Lungu, PhD, Vice President, Clinical Product

Anita Lungu, PhD

Vice President, Clinical Product

Headshot of Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Vice President, Psychiatry & Complex Care

Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH

Vice President, Psychiatry & Complex Care

Headshot of Jennifer Lee, PhD, Lead Clinical Researcher

Jennifer Lee, PhD

Lead Clinical Researcher

Recent studies

The impact of a workforce mental health program on employer medical...

Participants using Lyra had lower total health care spending than those who did not use Lyra.

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Outcomes of a live messaging, blended care coaching program among...

Lyra’s coaching via live text-based messaging can be effective for moderate anxiety symptoms.

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Blended care therapy for depression and anxiety: Outcomes across...

Lyra’s therapy is effective for anxiety and depression across diverse racial and ethnic groups.

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Predicting non-initiation of care and dropout in a blended care CBT...

Participants who use digital activities are less likely to drop out of Lyra’s therapy program.

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Real-world evaluation of a large-scale blended care-cognitive...

Lyra’s video-based therapy is effective for anxiety and depression symptoms at scale.

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Examining changes in presenteeism and clinical symptoms in a...

Participants receiving therapy through Lyra experienced improvement in presenteeism.

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Telemental health collaborative care medication management:...

Lyra’s medication management program is effective for clinical anxiety and depression symptoms.

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Component analysis of a synchronous and asynchronous blended care...

Completing sessions and digital lessons contributed to greater change in anxiety and depression.

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Examining the impact of digital components across different phases...

Engagement with Lyra's digital tools helps with clinical improvement.

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