Supporting the Mental Health of Parents as They Return to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear just how vulnerable working parents are. Juggling work from home, in-home schooling and child care, and their own self care can seem like an insurmountable challenge, and the pressures are taking their toll.

Featuring experts from Cleo and Lyra, watch this on-demand webinar to learn ways to help working parents and their families cope with the changes in weeks and months ahead as they prepare to return to the office. Including:

  • Learning how people leaders can help working parents cope with stress and anxiety
  • Helping parents navigate their children’s emotional needs during this pandemic and the school transition
  • Specific tips on how to help parents of kids with special needs

The Speakers

Renee Schneider, Ph.D.
VP of Clinical Quality, Lyra Health

Dr. Renee Schneider is a Stanford-trained, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Chief of Clinical Quality with Lyra. She is committed to the dissemination of evidence-based therapies for adults, children, couples, and families and has a special interest in interventions aimed at supporting the families of children with autism or special needs.  At Lyra, Renee oversees clinical quality, ensuring our provider network and all clinical practices adhere to the highest standards of evidence-based care.

Rebekah Wheeler, MPH
Certified Nurse Midwife & Lead Cleo Guide, Cleo

Amy Tucker
Perinatal Mental Health Specialist and Cleo Guide, Cleo