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Preventative care, the mental health care everyone needs

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Preventative care, good for employees
and your bottom line

Coping with stress is now a daily fight
making it harder for employees to be present, productive, and successful at work.

Long term stress, long term challenges
Sustained stress reduces the ability to cope with future stress, anxiety, and depression source.

Luckily the right preventative care can work
Evidence-based support for stress has been proven to help prevent depression (and costly treatment) down the line.

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Lyra offers a complete suite of preventative mental health care

Guided Self-Care

Convenient, at your own pace care, with a dedicated Lyra coach. Members start with a coach consultation followed by a six week care plan crafted by their coach.

Mental Health Coaching

Flexibility to take a session anywhere, at home, or on the go with weekly coaching sessions via video or live messaging sessions.

Mental Wellness Tools

On-demand, anytime support from selected mental wellness tools your members know and love like Calm and myStrength.

Preventative care, part one of a comprehensive solution

Learn more about Lyra’s complete comprehensive mental health solution and how Lyra can support members across the spectrum of need.

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