Do More and Save

Giving employees better and more effective mental health options doesn’t mean higher costs. Lyra’s comprehensive coverage can actually reduce your spend in many ways.

What are your savings?

Most employees today do not receive effective mental health care, which leads to expensive claims and worse outcomes down the road. Fortunately, Lyra can help with both.

Drag the slider to the number of employees at your organization and see your savings estimates with Lyra.

“Depression and anxiety costs the global economy $1 trillion a year in lost productivity, according to the World Health Organization. For every dollar invested in mental disorder treatment, there is a return of $4 due to improved health and productivity.”

James Gorman

CEO at Morgan Stanley

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“The ROI that Lyra brings is spread throughout the health plan. In terms of our overall strategy for reigning in health care costs, I know we’d be in dire straits if we didn’t have Lyra.”

Senior Benefits Leader

Leading Aerospace Company

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“We’re seeing that people are actually using Lyra…we’re seeing lower productivity costs…we’re seeing lower presenteeism. So, we’re getting all of that back because people are happy to be at work and there’s a sense of well-being.”

Renee Albert

Sr. Director of Life@ (Benefits), Facebook

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