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Lyra: Delivering life-changing care

Our mission is to transform behavioral health care through technology with a human touch. Now serving more than 2 million members, we’re inspired by stories about the ways access to the right care changes lives and companies.

Photograph of the Abrams family in an outdoor setting


Jason’s story:
Getting caught in a broken system

When Jason’s wife developed postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter, he spent weeks trying to find a provider with the right specialty and available appointments.

“I made over thirty calls that first day, with not a single live answer. I figured it was normal, and that I would get plenty of responses in the coming days. But over the next week, I received two calls back.”

His family got their happy ending when his employer added Lyra’s mental health benefit and both he and his wife were able to use the online portal to get matched immediately to providers who had appointments within 48 hours.

Now as a member of the Lyra Health team, Jason’s mission is to help as many companies and people as possible get access to life-changing care his family received.

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Portrait of Brianna

Brianna’s story:
From overwhelming to easy

After feeling anxious and overwhelmed, Brianna knew something had to change. But when she tried to find a therapist on her own she was met with full voicemail boxes and weeks of waiting.

After she found care through her employer with Lyra, it made all the difference.

“I feel more resilient, I feel present, I feel grounded – whether that’s in my professional space or in my home space. It makes my life and that of the people around me so much better.”

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Portrait of Courtney and Nadir

Courtney and Nadir’s story:
Couples therapy keeps our marriage strong

Movies and television often feed into the idea that therapy is reserved for relationships in crisis. But newlyweds Courtney and Nadir know better.

“We’re able to revisit our friction points and slow everything down, which allows us to understand how the other person is feeling and give context to how they were acting or reacting to a situation…All cars need tuneups – all relationships need tuneups as well.”

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Lyra Ebook: A Guide to Emotional Wellness with Nothing is Normal, Cover image with stacked papers

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we live and work. While the pandemic brings certain unavoidable challenges, like uncertainty, that doesn’t mean your mental health has to suffer. There are treatments that help people feel better even in times of crisis. And taking care of your mental health can help you move beyond “survival mode” and equip you with the tools you need to effectively manage any challenges you encounter.

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Headshot of Deborah Olson, Principal Benefits Manager at Genentech

A benefit employees are thankful for

“What’s significant for me is the calls and emails I get from employees saying, ‘Thank you, this is a big step toward saving my family,’ or, ‘Thank you for implementing this new benefit; it’s profoundly better than what we had before.”

– Deborah Olson, Principal Benefits Manager

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Changing the conversation on mental health

“Our people are the best in the industry, but constantly working in a high-pressure, high-performing environment where excellence is the norm can contribute to higher overall stress levels.”

– Sandi Stein, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Benefits

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Headshot of Sandi Stein, SVP, Global Head of Benefits at BBH

“I was experiencing significant anxiety due to the COVID crisis and craziness at work. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and after my first meeting, I had practices that I could start putting into play. Just hearing that my fears were valid was very helpful to me.”

– Lyra client