Cancellation Policy


Last update: September 15, 2017


We will pay your fee for the first 2 missed appointments within a six-month period (missed appointments can be a result of either a patient “no show” or late cancellation, defined as any cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment ) for any Lyra client. Please note that the evaluation still counts as an appointment, and if missed, is still part of the overall count of missed appointments.  Before starting treatment, and after each missed appointment and prior to scheduling another session with the Lyra patient, we ask that you have a conversation with the client about the cancellation policy and the importance of arriving to appointments and actively participating in their care.

For the 3rd no show/cancellation, Lyra is no longer responsible for payment, nor may you collect any fee or penalty from the Lyra client. Although we do not pay for a 3rd missed appointment, it is up to your discretion how you would like to manage the patient.   If you elect to discharge the patient, you should inform us and send the patient to us so that we may coordinate further care.

Please note that we recognize extenuating circumstances may occur and will work with you and the client regarding reimbursement on a case-by-case basis if necessary.