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Hear from Starbucks, Morgan Stanley, Zoom, and other industry leaders why now is the time for mental health care.

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Curious to learn how your mental health offerings compare to other organizations?

Access the best mental health providers and most effective treatments

Find the right personalized care in just a few clicks

Expert recommendations, online scheduling, and next-day appointments

Our Member Experience

Receive effective treatments for every need, from stress to self-harm

Support for mild to complex needs, including children, adults, and couples

Our Care Options

Access a superior network of available providers

High-quality coaches, therapists, and physicians curated for your workforce

Our Network

Smarter mental health benefits, better outcomes

7x more members receive effective care

EAPs engage 2-3% of members, while Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care. With Lyra, members can easily book appointments in just a few clicks.

83% of members improve or recover

Providers within traditional networks only help 24% of members improve, if they measure effectiveness at all. With Lyra, more people receive care and get better.

4x ROI in the first year

Lyra makes a positive impact on your people and business — employees are more productive, stay with the company longer, and spend less on health care overall.

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One platform that enhances the entire care experience

Members can find the right personalized care, match with the right provider for their needs, and feel motivated and supported throughout the entire treatment journey.

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Mental Health Insights

Find best practices from benefits leaders and practical advice for your emotional well-being

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Only proven treatments, grounded in science

A quality-focused approach and evidence-based treatments deliver life-changing care to your employees

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Improvement Rate Among Members

24% with normal health plans; 83% with Lyra

“The majority of providers in [our health plan and EAP] network just weren’t available. It was an opportunity for positive change. Lyra quickly became the crown jewel of our benefits program.”

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Over 2 million members covered