New independent study shows Lyra is the only mental health solution to deliver proven savings to employers.
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Expect more value from your mental health benefit

Reduce costs and boost workforce well-being, engagement, and retention with Lyra

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ROI starts with a personalized member experience

Employees expect mental health support from their employers—and employers should expect ROI from their mental health solution. Most benefits can’t deliver this due to trouble accessing care, low recovery rates, and limited visibility into their effectiveness. The key to realizing ROI is choosing a high-quality mental health benefit that helps people get better and stay better.

Lyra’s personalized care experience helps employees quickly access care and stay engaged.


Personalized match

Employees get a personalized match to the right level of care and provider based on preferences

95% Of members stick with their first matched provider graph

Of members stick with their first matched provider


Quick access to care

Employees find the right care in as little as 5 minutes

To first available appointment


Improved utilization

Employees actively engage with their benefit and get the care they need

10 times Utilization over traditional EAPs bar graph

Utilization over traditional EAPs


Lasting recovery

Employees feel better and thrive

88% Of members across races and ethnicities see clinical improvement graph

Of members across races and ethnicities see clinical improvement

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Measurable ROI is within reach with Lyra

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Bar graph increasing iconKey drivers of ROI

Results that help your business thrive

When employees’ lives improve, companies save thanks to lower turnover, more engagement and productivity, and lower medical spending.

Reduced medical spending

An independent, third-party study shows that companies offering Lyra see significant reductions in medical and prescription health care claims costs.

Per-member-per-year reduction in health care claims costs

Improved employee experience

Going beyond health insurance coverage for behavioral health helps employees feel valued and supported, which boosts engagement and profitability.

70% Increase in productivity graph

Increase in productivity

Better employee retention

Supporting mental health boosts employee satisfaction, which in turn reduces hiring and training costs.

Up to a 50% reduction in turnover graph

Up to a 50% reduction in turnover

Lasting clinical outcomes

A mental health solution is only as valuable as the lives it improves.

88% Of members improve or recover graph

Of members improve or recover

Stars iconWhy Lyra

With Lyra, you only pay for results

Lyra makes it easy to prove the ROI of your mental health investment.

Pay-for-results pricing model icon Pay-for-results pricing model

Forget the sunk costs associated with traditional EAPs that require you to pay for a service your employees may not even use. With Lyra, you only pay for the care your employees receive.

Performance guarantees icon Performance guarantees

We put up to 100% of our support services at risk, with industry-leading performance guarantees tied to the outcomes you care about most including fast access, lasting recovery, employee satisfaction, and economic impact.

Real-time reporting icon Real-time reporting

With Lyra’s Workforce Wellness Dashboard, you’ll have the data and analysis support you need to identify key trends, make informed decisions about your benefits strategy, and take meaningful action.

Positive ROI is within reach