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New report from Forrester Research on building a resilient workforce by prioritizing mental health

Mental health is too important to ignore

Mental health conditions have real effects

  • 5x more days absent
  • 5x more likely to be on disability
  • 4x higher overall medical costs
  • 2x more likely to quit or be fired

Millions suffer from mental health issues, costing companies millions of dollars in lost productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and wasted health spend. Traditional plans and app-only solutions to mental health care are difficult to access, poor quality, and ineffective.

What’s good for your employees is good for your business

Investing in mental health has a positive impact on health care costs, productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and more. Lyra partners with employers to analyze and understand the measurable effect on your employees and business.

How we curb healthcare costs

  • 50% decrease in employee turnover rate
  • 70% of employees show improved productivity
  • 27% decrease in institutional claims
  • 20% decrease in health plan therapy and Rx claims

Lyra delivers 4x ROI in the first year

Employer savings with Lyra

Traditional version10% Improved retention savings
Lyra version25% Lyra fees

“We’re seeing that people are actually using that benefit [Lyra], we’re seeing lower productivity costs…because people are happy to be at work and there’s a sense of well-being.”

Renee AlbertDirector of Facebook’s Life@ benefits

4 out of 5 Lyra members experienced reduced symptoms and improved functioning in all aspects of their lives.

I can’t believe that genuine help was only a click away.

It was so easy to use and find providers near me. I love this benefit!!

I got an appointment with Lyra one day after I signed up!

We cover more than 2 million lives

Our members love how we make mental health care easier. And we’ve got 94% member satisfaction to prove it. Lyra works with innovative employers, top places to work, and Fortune 500 companies to deliver care to their employees and families nationwide.

Success stories from featured partners

7 days average wait to first appointment with Lyra provider
65% clinical improvement among members in care

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82% of members improved or recovered
40% reduction in employee turnover rate

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7x more engagement than with legacy EAP
94% of members highly satisfied

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99% instantly matched with a recommended provider
11% have first appointment within 24 hours

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