Partner With Lyra to Grow Your Practice

Lyra helps you grow your therapy or coaching practice with motivated referrals at competitive rates, so you can enjoy a thriving business while devoting more time to client care. We offer a new kind of partnership for evidence-based providers without the friction of traditional plans and EAPs or the challenge of building a practice alone.

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95% of our providers would recommend Lyra to a fellow colleague.

Ideal Clients for You, More Time for Care

  • Motivated Clients and Quick Payment
    Receive client referrals who are a good fit for your expertise and get paid for client sessions in just a few days.
  • Tools to Manage Your Practice
    Schedule with clients by phone, email, or connect your calendar for instant online booking. Track and assess outcomes to better understand client progress towards treatment goals.
  • A Community of Support and Expertise
    Tap into a community of providers and experts who can help your practice thrive,  access free continuing education training, and more.

We Care About Privacy

We are committed to best practices for security and patient privacy and comply with all HIPAA and state requirements for the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

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How Lyra Works

Lyra Works with Companies

Employers offer Lyra as an employee benefit for mental health care.

Clients Get Started Online

Individuals sign up online and complete a clinical assessment.

We Intelligently Match Clients to You

We recommend you to clients who match your expertise and availability.

Clients Book Their First Session

Clients schedule their first appointment online or by phone or email.

Lyra Picks up the Tab

The Lyra benefit covers the cost of sessions and we pay you in just a few days.

Interested in Becoming a Lyra Provider?

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