How to get started with Guided Self-Care

How to get started with Guided Self-Care

The last few weeks have brought in some great feedback from members about our new Guided Self-Care program. In the midst of a tumultuous year, we’re glad to offer a flexible and individualized mental health solution that is available and easily accessible.

At Lyra, we aim to offer personalized and compassionate care for all of our members—no matter where they are in their care journey. Guided Self-Care can be a great solution for those who want to start care today, but may not have the time for weekly sessions. Our clinical team designed Guided Self-Care for members who may be experiencing issues on the milder end of the mental health spectrum, including stress, anxiety, perfectionism, trouble sleeping, or burnout.

Lyra coaches are certified mental health care providers who have substantial experience helping members gain insights and creating lasting changes in their lives. We pride ourselves on our network of high quality mental health coaches—in fact, Lyra only accepts 3 percent of applicants to its coaching network.

With Guided Self-Care, members can get started with a coach who will help them create a personalized, six-week care plan after an initial consultation. From there, members will receive weekly exercises that are selected just for them. Coaches will review and provide feedback as individuals complete exercises. Throughout the program, members can easily message with their coach, and lean on them for support as they work through the exercises at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Here’s how to get started today:

1. Create an account with Lyra and take the Lyra assessment

2. After taking the Lyra assessment, you will find out whether Guided Self-Care is a good match for your needs. You’ll see this option available under Available Care Options.

Lyra care page.

3. If Guided Self-Care is a good fit for you, you will be able to search for coaches in your zip code and select a provider of your choice. From there, you can schedule an appointment that works best for you.

Therapist feature.

Guided Self-Care is the best of both worlds—personalized support from an expert Lyra provider and convenient, clinically-developed exercises available at your fingertips.

Please note that the Lyra assessment will match you with the best care for your needs, so Guided Self-Care will only be available as an option should it be a match. Remember that Guided Self-Care is available to your eligible adult dependents, too, so they can get started and see if it feels like the right option for them.


If you want help connecting with a therapist, Lyra can assist you. You can get started today if Lyra is offered by your employer. Sign up now.

For employers who want to learn more about how Lyra’s enhanced EAP addresses network adequacy and quality issues, download our whitepaper on quality or get in touch.

And check in frequently here or follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter for more insights into supporting employees’ mental health.

The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

By The Lyra Team
12 of February 2021 - 2 min read
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