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State of workforce mental health report 2022

What are the top mental health challenges facing employees in 2022, and how are employee benefits leaders planning to help address them? Get a clear view of today’s workforce mental health landscape so you can create data-driven strategies that have a real impact.
Find out what 1,000+ employees and 250 benefits leaders said about mental health in the new world of work.

Building resilience in your workforce

Aon Report Cover

Aon Study Finds Lyra Lowers Medical Spending

A rigorous third-party analysis shows Lyra’s mental health benefits can help reduce medical claims, improve utilization, and reduce mental health spending. Learn how to quantify Lyra’s financial impact.


Study: Mental Health Care Boosts Retention

When people get high-quality mental health treatment through Lyra, they’re twice as likely to stay in their jobs as employees who did not use the benefit. Learn more about the study findings.

2022 Workforce Mental Health Trends

What will employees expect in 2022 and how can employers stay competitive? Get our top predictions, based on insights from Lyra clinicians, third-party experts, and surveys of employees and benefits leaders.

Cover Image - Navigating the New World of Work in 2022

Navigating the New World of Work in 2022

The pandemic has forever changed the world of work, triggering a much-needed focus on mental health. So, how should businesses approach mental health in 2022? A report by The Economist offers useful tips.

Cover Image - The Great Resignation

How to Weather the ‘Great Resignation’

In the past year, a record number of employees have quit their jobs, often due to mental health issues such as stress and burnout. Learn how you can cultivate a mentally healthy work culture and boost employee retention.

Cover - Destigmatizing Mental Health at Work

Destigmatizing Mental Health at Work

Mental health stigma prevents people from getting the care they need and costs companies billions of dollars each year in lost productivity. Get tips on how to prevent stigma and create a healthy work environment.

Cover - Combatting Work Fatigue in an Always-On World

Work Fatigue: Signs Your Employees Need Help

Employee burnout is an organizational issue, not a personal one. We all have a role to play in preventing and addressing it. So, how can you spot the signs of burnout and mitigate its impact on your organization?


How to Succeed During the Great Resignation

The number of workers who have voluntarily left their job in what has been dubbed The Great Resignation has now vaulted to 4.5 million, a record high. Learn how to create a mentally healthy workplace for employees to feel comfortable not only voicing their concerns, but also seeking help.

Morgan Stanley Case Study Pages


A Data-driven Approach to Workforce Mental Health

The employees at Morgan Stanley are experts at investing. That’s why when they were looking for a mental health benefits provider, they wanted to know exactly what return they were getting on such an important investment. Learn how they evaluated their ROI after partnering with Lyra. 

Customer case studies


Aerospace Case Study Cover

Learn how one company increased usage of mental health support while cutting its costs by 39%


Cover Image - Automotive Case Study

Learn how an automotive company chose Lyra to deliver effective, evidence-based care to its workforce


Amgen Case Study Cover

Learn how 82% of Amgen employees recovered or improved with Lyra


Case Study: Genentech Cover

Learn how Genentech replaced its EAP with Lyra and improved workforce mental health


BBH Case Study Cover

Learn how Brown Brothers Harriman partnered with Lyra and became a model workplace for mental health awareness


Ebay Case Study Cover

See how eBay solved their access problem and delivered 7x engagement


NetApp Case Study Cover

See how NetApp delivers innovative high-quality mental health care to its employees


Palantir Case Study Cover

Learn how Palantir partnered with Lyra to create a scalable mental health solution for their rapidly growing company

Webinars for managers and benefits leaders

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Published clinical results

Real World vs. The Lab: Lyra Study Shows Evidence-Based Therapy Effective for Depression and Anxiety


A new study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, shows that evidence-supported therapies (ESTs) provided by Lyra therapists in a real-world, non-laboratory setting are effective in treating both anxiety and depression.

New Study Shows Telehealth Blended Care Therapy Highly Effective for Anxiety and Depression


Published in the Journal of Medical and Internet Research, this clinical study shows that Lyra Blended Care Therapy helps individuals with depression and anxiety experience significant decreases in symptoms in a shorter period of time.

New Study Proves Cognitive Behavioral Coaching is Effective at Reducing Stress and Improving Well-being


A clinical study conducted by Lyra, and published in the journal Telemedicine and e-Health, shows that Cognitive Behavior Coaching (CBC) can be highly effective at reducing mild symptoms of stress and improving mental well-being.

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