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Lyra Health Introduces New Offerings to Support Whole Family Mental Health
Lyra Health Introduces New Organizational Development Tools and Services to Support Mental Health in the Workplace
Lyra Health Acquires ICAS World to Expand Its Mental Health Care Services Globally
Lyra Health Completes $235M Funding Round, led by Dragoneer, to Fuel International Expansion
Lyra Mental Health Benefits Lower Medical Claims Costs for Employers According to New Independent Research
Lyra Health Introduces New Innovations in Care for Alcohol Use Disorder and Other Serious Mental Illnesses
Lyra Health Completes $200M Funding Round to Transform Mental Health Care Globally
Lyra Health Expands International Mental Health Care Solutions
Lyra Health Welcomes Oprah Winfrey as an Investor
Lyra Health’s Breakthrough 2021: More Than 1,000 Global HR Leaders Discuss Workplace Mental Health
Lyra Health Study Shows Workplace Mental Health Benefits Falling Short
Lyra Health Expands Offerings for Preventative Mental Health Care
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Lyra Health expands specialized care for teens, kids in response to growing childhood mental health crisis
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Lyra Health gets $235M, soars to $5.85B valuation with new acquisition for global expansion
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Lyra Health expands as wellness demand increases
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Lyra Health Targets Global Expansion Following ICAS Takeover, $235M Funding Round
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Overcoming Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace
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Combatting depression and suicidal thoughts through telehealth
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Lyra Health ramps up focus on workplace mental health with new services for HR leaders, managers
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A new framework: Mental health benefits in the post-pandemic workplace
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AllWays Health Partners to provide more mental health services with new partnership
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Starbucks employees’ two favorite benefits are Spotify and mental health support
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How to recover from burnout if you can’t change jobs or take time off
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‘Quiet quitting’ isn’t really about quitting. Here are the signs.
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