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Lyra’s spectrum of mental health options

Employees can quickly access a full spectrum of mental health care offerings.

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Family care for every need

When a loved one is suffering, it can impact a whole family’s well-being. With Lyra, every member—including kids age 2+, teens, adults, couples, and families—gets care tailored to their specific needs so they can get better, faster.

With a network of more than 3,900 evidence-based providers specializing in child and teen mental health, access to proven care is easier than ever.

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Preventive care for every member

Lyra Essentials

We provide a rich library of research-based self-care resources for members worldwide, with skill-building videos, meditations, and activities to support ongoing mental well-being.

Lyra Guided Self-Care

Our members can work with a dedicated coach to craft a custom, six-week digital care plan, work on it at their own pace, and message their coach anytime.

Lyra Care Coaching

Members can access short-term, evidence-based support with a consistent, certified coach via video or live messaging sessions coupled with between-session activities.

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Clinical needs for a wide range of mental health support

Lyra Care Therapy

Our groundbreaking, clinically proven approach combines video therapy sessions with personalized, between-session provider support and digital activities to help people make faster progress in improving their mental health.

Lyra Medication Management

Lyra’s mental health physicians prescribe evidence-based medications, track symptoms and side effects, and offer one-on-one messaging with members.

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Specialized needs for acute mental health needs

Therapy, medication, and collaborative care

Whether your employees need therapy, medication, or a combination of both, they’ll have access to a coordinated team of providers who specialize in treating complex needs.

Lyra Renew

Lyra’s substance use and mental health recovery program offers virtual therapy, medication to fight cravings, and confidential group sessions to support people struggling with alcohol addiction.

Lyra Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is proven effective in reducing suicide risk and self-injury. Lyra provides 24/7 on-call, DBT support for members struggling with these issues, along with care from Lyra’s DBT experts through one-on-one and group sessions.

Lyra Complex Care

Understanding and navigating mental health care can be daunting, especially for severe needs. Lyra provides longitudinal support to vetted, evidence-based care for complex mental health issues. Available for kids, teens, and adults; and includes intensive outpatient programs, rehabilitation facilities, and other higher levels of care.

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Care for your global workforce

Providing a consistent member experience globally—along with high-quality, culturally responsive care—is key to building a healthy and resilient workforce. Lyra offers a range of mental health care options in 180 countries with an easy digital sign-up so your global team gets the care they need to thrive.

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Mental health care for the complete spectrum of needs

Leave reactive approaches to mental wellness behind with up-to-date metrics on care utilization and mental health issues affecting your workforce, so you can quickly respond. With our Workforce Wellness Dashboard, you’ll gain insights into the mental health of your workforce with access to anonymized, aggregated data, including real-time dashboards and in-depth quarterly business reviews.

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Additional services

We offer effective care programs and EAP services to support people and organizations across the entire mental health journey.

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Care services

Includes unlimited manager consultations, clinical leave evaluation, onsite therapy, training & workshops.

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EAP services

Includes critical incident support, financial services, legal services, ID theft services, child, elder, and pet care.

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