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Match members to the right care from the start

In just a few clicks, members find care quickly and easily, guiding them to the most clinically appropriate treatment to help them get better, faster.

From preventative to severe, we cover the full spectrum of needs

Guided Self-Care

Convenient, at your own pace care, with access to a dedicated Lyra coach. Members start with a coach consultation and then get a six week care plan crafted by their Lyra coach with self-led video lessons and tailored activities.

  • Consistent Coach keeps members motivated and engaged 
  • Same-day consultations available
  • Trust is built quickly by starting with face-to-face video session

Lyra Coaching

Short-term support offered by top-tier certified coaches, specialized in mental health coaching designed by Lyra clinicians and grounded in principles of effective evidence-based therapies.

  • Short-term support for mild needs such as stress, relationships, and life transitions
  • Available via live messaging or live video

Lyra Therapy

High-quality providers, traditionally found out-of-network, thoroughly vetted for using only evidence based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

  • Wide range of treatments for the clinical needs of children, adults, couples, families
  • Available in-person, via live video, or onsite at employers’ offices

Lyra Medication

Evidence-based prescribing practices offered by physicians focused on mental health. Treatment is available via live video for adults with clinical needs such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

  • Ongoing symptom tracking to mitigate medication side effects
  • Directly message physician for questions or concerns
  • Combine treatment with therapy to learn and build new skills 
  • Available in-person care for adolescents and those who need controlled substances

Mental wellness tools

Unlimited access to apps members know and love like Calm and MyStrength. Integrated into Lyra’s Care Recommendation Algorithm for easy navigation.

  • Wide range of exercises and lessons for mild and clinical needs
  • Complementary to other Lyra care options

Access to life-changing treatment

Care for the whole family

Children under 13, teens, couples, and families too

No matter what they’re facing

Full spectrum support from stress to suicidality

Widest range of care modalities

In-person, video, live messaging, telephone, onsite
Plus: digital exercises, video lessons, and between session support

Lyra Facts

Lyra’s network includes 2,000+ providers who specialize in supporting children and adolescents

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Care that extends beyond 1-1 sessions

Our unique approach blends together one-on-one video sessions and personalized digital activities to support members in their everyday lives. By enhancing the care experience with ongoing support between sessions, members can improve or recover faster than traditional in-person care.

  • 1-1 messaging with your provider
  • Personalized CBT-based lessons and feedback
  • Ongoing progress monitoring by provider
  • Adapt treatment plan to daily challenges

Lyra Facts

Our blended care approach is over 3X more effective than traditional health plans

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Mental health care for the complete spectrum of needs

Mental health care for every scenario

We offer effective care programs designed by Lyra clinical experts and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to work.

Care Services

  • Mental Wellness Tools
  • Guided Self-Care
  • Mental Health Coaching
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Mental Health Medication Management
  • Critical Incident Support
  • Training & Workshops
  • Unlimited Manager Consultations
  • Onsite Therapy
  • Work-life Services

Explore our configuration options

Replace your EAP by offering sessions to your entire benefits-eligible workforce including manager trainings, critical incident support, work-life services, and more.

Integrate Lyra with your health plan to offer a seamless member experience and expand access to Lyra’s superior network beyond the coverage limits of an EAP. This model allows companies to enable co-pays, define eligibility by health plan enrollment and offer more significant care such as medication and extended therapy for complex needs.

Allow Lyra to recommend a custom benefit design that combines our health plan integration model and EAP model for the most robust mental health care benefit tailored to your goals and workforce needs.

Need help sorting through the options? Our team of experts can help you find the right plan for your unique business.

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24/7 clinical support when members need it most

The Lyra care team is available around-the-clock when members have questions, or when they are in critical, urgent need.

Lyra Facts

10% of members who register with Lyra experience thoughts of suicide or self-harm

“If we didn’t have Lyra, we would not have been able to proactively help members with thoughts of self-harm or suicide.”

Rachelle TaylorNetApp Benefit Leader