Lyra and ICAS unite under one brand to set a new global standard for workforce mental health.
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Access care through our innovative Lyra Platform


Receive personalized care options

Review recommendations tailored to each member’s symptoms, severity, and lifestyle.


Book real-time appointments

Schedule appointments online and choose to meet in-person or via live video.


Learn and practice new real-life skills

Develop new coping skills from your provider and through proven digital lessons and exercises.


Track and measure progress

Complete ongoing clinical assessments to understand how treatment and recovery progress.

Care options include guided self-care, coaching, therapy, medication and more

Explore our Care Options

Choose how and where to meet, based on your lifestyle



Ideal for honoring member preference and treating complex needs


Convenient for busy lifestyles and expanded access to specialists


Private and flexible, great for connecting with support anywhere


Digital CBT lessons and exercises for support anytime

Lyra Facts

97% of members have an in-person Lyra provider within 20 miles of where they live.

Meet with our top-tier providers right away

Not enough employees are getting the care they need. Average wait for a mental health visit is 21 days — for a child it’s 7.5 weeks. With Lyra, members can sign up and begin their journey to feeling better in just a few clicks.

Timely care is better care

Appointments available same day, evenings, and weekends

  • 21 daysNational average wait time
  • 2 days Lyra wait time

Develop new skills to overcome daily challenges

With Lyra, your members receive support beyond 1-1 sessions with their provider, as they build and practice resiliency skills to meet the challenges of their daily lives. With 24/7 access to personalized digital exercises and direct messaging with their provider, members get better faster.

Track your progress, every step of the way

Members complete assessments before, during, and at the completion of care to give providers insight into treatment progress and offer population insights about how Lyra works for your entire workforce.

Personalized benefits recommendations to improve your well-being

We provide personalized recommendations for other employer-sponsored benefits that influence your mental health—from family care to fertility solutions to services for chronic health conditions—so you can easily find care that boosts your overall well-being and quality of life.

Our holistic approach

“Everything has been completely seamless… from signing up, selecting a provider, and meeting. Hands down one of the best mental health services!”

Lyra member