Lyra and ICAS unite under one brand to set a new global standard for workforce mental health.
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Poor quality care is costly and ineffective

Unfortunately, traditional networks include providers who practice ineffective treatments. Only 20% of mental health therapies have been proven clinically effective, yet health plans don’t curate their networks based on treatment effectiveness.

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The Lack of Evidence-Based Therapies in Health Plan Networks

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Your guide to understanding quality in mental health care

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Better care with superior providers and proven treatments

Nationwide network of specialists for children, adults, couples

Access to therapists, coaches, and physicians – available in-person, live video, or onsite – expertly matched to your members’ individual needs.

Only quality providers and proven treatments

Our curated network includes only providers who practice practice proven treatments, with verified availability, and proximity to where your employees live and work.

Measurable, life-changing outcomes for members

Validated clinical measures, such as PHQ9, GAD7, and PSS, offer insight into patient outcomes and the effectiveness of your Lyra benefit.

A curated high-performance network, built with innovative technology

Lyra uses advanced predictive analytical models, machine learning, and clinical expertise to curate, evaluate, and scale our impressive nationwide network of evidence-based therapists.

Lyra Facts

Our Quality Curation Platform is one-of-a-kind network management system derived from 32 data sources, including profiles on more than 10,000 providers.

Lyra’s Proven Network Curation Process

  1. Identify top providers located near where members live and work
  2. Assign Quality Prediction Score to every provider, predicting adherence to effective, evidence-based practices
  3. Conduct extensive clinical interview to validate quality prediction
  4. Invite superior clinicians to join the Lyra network. Only 5% are accepted.
  5. Monitor provider and treatment effectiveness with ongoing assessment patient progress
  6. Remove providers who fail to meet Lyra quality standards

“One of our biggest benefit challenges is finding solutions that service all our members at that same high level. Lyra provides that nationwide support we were looking for.”

Amanda McCombBenefits, Amgen

Meet our providers

Azmeena, Coach

Provides non-judgmental coaching and accountability for lasting transformation

Stephanie, Therapist

Focuses on cultural awareness and caring for underrepresented minorities

Amanda, Physician

Internal Medicine with specialization in primary care integrated with behavioral health

Chad, Coach

Trained in evidence-based psychology, with an ICF Certification

Mario, Therapist

Focuses on social anxiety, panic disorders, gender dysphoria

Bethany, Physician

Family medicine with specialization in obesity, addiction, anxiety, and depression

Lindsay, Coach

Leverages action-oriented communication to ease anxiety, stress, and burnout

Melissa, Therapist

Speaks English and Cantonese, specialty in trauma and substance abuse

Alann, Physician

Family medicine with specialization in addiction and the care of LGBTQ people