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Meet the New Lyra: New Look, Same Commitment to Care

Starting today, Lyra has a brand new look, one that we feel reflects our values, who we are, and how far we’ve come since first launching in January 2016.

The Lyra star then and now

Our name and our iconic star were inspired by the constellation Lyra – one of the brightest in the night sky. This group of stars helped ancient seafarers find their way safely home, just as Lyra the company helps people navigate the hard-to-traverse world of mental health.

Since launching, we’ve evolved from helping people navigate the first steps of care to helping them through the care experience from start to finish. We’re creating a new system of care that’s easy to access, personalized, engaging, measurable, and most importantly, effective.

With a new, sleeker rendition of the Lyra star, we pay homage to our history, while celebrating our new direction.

When we set out to redesign the Lyra brand, we wanted to make it feel just like us – modern and hi-tech, but also calming and supportive. We also strove to create something that our diverse audiences – members, providers, and employers – could relate to. Not an easy task, but we are really proud of what we’ve created, thanks in big part to the great team at Emotive Brand.

Our brand system

Additional elements of our new branding system capture the brave spirit of the millions who suffer from mental health issues every year. When someone reaches out to Lyra for help, it’s often a very vulnerable, humbling moment, but it requires strength and honesty to take that first step. We wanted our new brand to feel comforting and supportive, but also confident and strong. This is reflected in the soothing color palette, the diversity of people in our photography, and engaging illustrations that show how finding care can be approachable and empowering.

Drawn graphic of the Lyra experience.

If you have Lyra as an employee benefit, the best way to experience our brand is through the online tool when you sign up. Or, explore the rest of our website and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. We hope you love it as much as we do.

By Kelly Morgan
2 of May 2018 - 1 min read
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