Well-being at work

Everyone wants to be their most productive, effective self at work.  But the reality is that stress is inevitable, and it’s often hard to cope with it.  You can learn to work with your stressors, understand them, find meaning in them, and make important choices.  There are many ways you can become more resilient and cope effectively with challenges in your life.

Lyra’s new blog is a tool you can use to help you reach your optimal well-being at work (and in all areas of your life).  We’ll provide you with behavioral strategies to help you surf the waves of stress rather than get toppled by them.  We’ll cover topics like relationship issues, difficulty sleeping, and the “imposter syndrome.”

To get things started, check out this 60-second video about what therapy is—and what it isn’t. And please share this and future posts with friends and colleagues on social media. The more well-being in the world, the better.


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By The Lyra Team
30 of December 2016 - 0 min read
Mental health at work
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