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Supporting the 5%: How Lyra customers care for members with complex needs

Employee burnout is on the rise, but there are more severe issues that have also spiked over this past year. From Lyra, we have seen a 30 percent increase in thoughts of suicide and a 20 percent increase in symptom severity. Significant barriers to effective mental health care exist today, especially for the five percent of U.S. adults who experience a serious mental illness each year. Employers can no longer ignore the complex mental health needs of this population.

We spoke to benefits leaders at Morgan Stanley and Genentech (a Roche Company) to learn more about how they’ve helped their members with serious mental illness get the support they need.

The case study highlights:

  • How Morgan Stanley worked to remove barriers to accessing quality and affordable care for members with complex needs.
  • How Genentech revamped their disability leave evaluation process to be more focused on employee experience and clinical outcomes.
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