New independent study shows Lyra is the only mental health solution to deliver proven savings to employers.
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Delivering the best value in mental health care

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Lyra delivers four years of sustained results

Our landmark study, conducted by a third-party professional services firm, looked at more data, over more years and with greater scientific rigor than anything we’ve seen before. Below, you’ll find outcomes from this groundbreaking research that proved Lyra delivers the world’s best outcomes in mental health care.

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Lower health care costs on average, sustained over four years vs. other vendors can only show results for six months

Lyra reduces spending across emergency room,
Rx, and inpatient care

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Lower emergency usage

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Lower medication costs

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Lower inpatient spending

Cost savings are supercharged for children and teens

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Lower costs for children and teens

Study methodology

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Four years
in a row

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Employees & dependents

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Other providers

Four years of data

Sustained cost savings

Savings for kids & teens

Scientifically rigorous study

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For more key findings and expert insights from this groundbreaking mental health benefits study, read the full report.

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