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Replace your EAP with a comprehensive mental health solution

Looking for a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Employers partner with Lyra for a comprehensive mental health solution that delivers high-quality care with measurable results.

Traditional EAPs make getting care difficult

Care is hard to access

  • Average wait time for first appointment is 27 days
  • Difficulty finding a provider that matches your schedule, insurance, and care need

Poor quality

  • Only provides 3-5 sessions of care
  • No information about providers’ credentials, specialties or if they practice evidence-based care

Hard to measure

  • Low utilization since most employees don’t know it exists
  • No measurement of member’s clinical progress

What sets Lyra apart from your EAP

Fast access to care

  • Mental health therapy, coaching, medication, and self-care apps deliver the right care for every need
  • Care for children, adolescents, couples, families, and adults

Great member experience

  • Digital care platform with appointments available the next day
  • In-person, video, and onsite care options

High-quality care

  • Largest network of evidence-based mental health providers
  • Real engagement data – not vanity metrics – show how many people are searching for care, in-care, and improving

Smarter mental health benefits mean better outcomes

3x faster access to care

The average national wait time for a first therapy appointment is 27 days.

 Lyra’s average wait time is less than 7 days and 13% of clients have their first session within 24 hours.

7x more members receive effective care

Traditional EAPs engage 2-3% of members. 

With an easy to use online care tool that lets you book appointments in a few members, Lyra sees 15% of employees sign up for care.

83% of members improve or recover

Providers in typical networks only help 24% of members improve, but those in care with Lyra receive care that’s almost 4x more effective.

4x ROI in the first year

Lyra makes a positive impact on your people and business – employees are more productive, stay with the company longer, and spend less on health care overall.

Flexible benefit design

With Lyra’s comprehensive mental health solution, you can choose the configuration option that works best for your team.

Reimagine your EAP

Replace your traditional EAP and offer coaching and therapy sessions to your entire benefits-eligible workforce. With 12 or more sessions per year, your employees and their dependents have access to the right amount of care – whether they’re feeling stuck or something more serious. 

Services also include 24/7 member support, manager trainings, critical incident support, work-life services, and a dedicated customer success manager.

Integrate with your health plan

Integrate Lyra with your health plan to offer a seamless member experience and expand access to Lyra’s superior network – including psychiatrists. 

Allows companies to enable co-pays, define eligibility by health plan enrollment, and offer more significant care such as medication and extended therapy for complex needs.

Create a custom benefit plan

Create a custom plan that combines health plan integration and EAP for the most robust mental health care benefit tailored to your goals, workforce needs, and budget.

“The majority of providers in our health plan and EAP network just weren’t available. It was an opportunity for positive change. Lyra quickly became the crown jewel of our benefits program.”

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