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Supporting employees through the pandemic and beyond

A free step-by-step plan to support employee mental health

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Help employees today and plan for tomorrow

Together we’ll assemble content and resources to help your employees cope with anxiety, stress, loneliness, grief and more. Plus, you’ll receive 1:1 guidance on building a long-term mental health strategy

Prepare a mental health strategy for the long haul

55% of Americans say coronavirus is affecting their mental health a great deal/some. For many, anxiety, stress, and depression are getting worse, and the mental health impact of the pandemic will be long-lasting.

Our free mental health response program includes

Consultations with Lyra Experts

Connect with our clinical and benefits experts to help you develop a strategy for the long-term mental health needs for your employees.

Employee Communications Toolkit

Learn how to support the immediate mental health needs of your employees and build skills so that you can emerge from this crisis with a healthier, more resilient workforce.

Sharable Mental Health Resources

Partner with Lyra to select videos, handouts, and tools from our library to help your employees cope with anxiety, uncertainty, parenting challenges and more.