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Finding the Perfect Match: Better tools for a better therapeutic connection

When seeking mental health care, your employees may encounter a variety of barriers to finding the right provider. Learn how Lyra’s artificial intelligence (AI) matching technology quickly connects them with a provider who specializes in their clinical needs.

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The quest to find mental health care doesn’t end with scheduling a first appointment. Your employees not only need to find a provider who can meet their clinical needs, but they may also need to find one that shares an identity or lived experience—including race, cultural background, or sexual orientation—so they feel safe to share. Learn how Lyra’s artificial intelligence (AI) matching technology and advanced provider preferences help take the guesswork out of finding the right provider, as well as:

  • How therapeutic alignment impacts employee engagement in treatment
  • How access to high-quality providers speeds up recovery
  • How AI matching leads to significant cost savings for your organization