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Employees’ expectations are on the rise

Employees across all industries have higher expectations of their employer’s mental health care. So how does your mental health care benefit stack up?

  • 54% of employees have higher expectations of their employer’s mental health benefits
  • 86% of benefits leaders say mental health has become a higher priority over the last year 
  • 61% of benefits leaders said their employees will seek support for moderate to severe issues, such as anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder over the next year
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Why Brown Brothers Harriman Believes Now is the Time to Invest in Mental Health

Sandi Stein, Global Head of Benefits at Brown Brothers Harriman shares why BBH recognized that it was time to switch to a comprehensive mental health solution that supports their employees and families with a wide range of mental health needs.

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82% of BBH members recovered after their first year with Lyra

2021 Workplace Mental Health Trends

2021 offers glimmers of hope for a return to quasi-normalcy, but there is still an overwhelming need to support employees struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use, and burnout.

Employers in 2021 are focused on effective solutions to address employee mental health:

  • 86% said mental health became a higher priority for their company in 2020.
  • 54% said their employees now have higher expectations in regards to mental health support from their employers.

Learn more about the mental health benefit trends, data, and predictions in the 2021 forecast report.

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A 2021 Trends Forecast: Mental Health for Your Health Care Workforce

Listen to Lyra’s Clinical Director of Partnerships Joe Grasso, Ph.D. and Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant’s Assistant Chief Nursing Officer Theresa Kloewer to hear the trends that will shape the mental health at work in 2021 for the healthcare industry and actionable tips to implement them in your organization.industry and actionable tips to implement them in your organization.

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