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Mental health is for everyone

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month—an important time to remember that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care.

Care for managers

Exceptional teams thrive with strong leadership, yet many managers struggle to foster a supportive work environment due to limited resources. In addition to frontline employee mental health support often falling on their shoulders, managers face their own battles with stress and burnout. Discover strategies for organizations to enhance workforce mental health and empower managers to lead effectively.

Care for families

Teens are facing unprecedented mental health challenges that impact not only them, but also their families. Parents are increasingly prioritizing their children’s mental well-being, often making sacrifices in their careers. This ripple effect extends beyond the family unit to impact organizations. Explore insights on child and teen mental health and supporting parents and families.

Care for employees

Caring for your people means equipping them with essential tools to support their mental health. Explore resources that help employees learn ways to overcome challenges, practice self-compassion, and build healthy habits.

Lyra is your partner in workforce mental health

Providing access to high-quality mental health care for every person and every need is central to Lyra’s mission. Sign up to learn more about how we serve individuals, families, and organizations.

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