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Lyra Health Introduces Personalized Benefits Recommendations to Support Whole-Person Health

Lyra delivers new Integrated Benefit Ecosystem for members in alliance with Hinge Health, Progyny, and Virta Health

October 2, 2023 — 08:00 AM ET, BURLINGAME, Calif. — Lyra Health, the leading provider of innovative Workforce Mental Health solutions for employers, today announced a new way for members to discover other wellness benefits offered by their employer from within Lyra’s platform. Benefit recommendations will be personalized to each member based on their clinical needs and situation. Lyra’s new Integrated Benefit Ecosystem supports whole-person health by proactively connecting people with support such as family care, fertility and family-building solutions, or services for chronic health conditions.

“We are committed to empowering our employees and their families with the tools and resources needed to live their healthiest life,” said Amy Bloomquist, health and wellness program manager at Land O’Lakes. “People do their best work in an environment where they can bring their full selves. Lyra’s Integrated Benefit Ecosystem makes it possible for employees to discover the resources available to help them live a life they love.”

Intelligent Benefit Discovery to Enhance Care
Lyra is transforming access to mental health care with its innovative matching platform, which leverages artificial intelligence to connect individuals with providers who meet their personal and clinical needs. Now, when a member signs on to the Lyra platform to connect with their provider or engage in guided practice sessions, they will be able to learn more about additional benefits offered by their employer. Lyra’s Care Navigator team will also be available to personally discuss the additional benefits and resources available to each member based on individual needs.

The Lyra Integrated Benefit Ecosystem, including personalized recommendations and support, will be available starting in January 2024.

Leading Benefits Providers Support Whole-Person Health
Lyra is working with employers to provide seamless, integrated recommendations and support for employers as part of their comprehensive benefits strategy. Members will receive personalized recommendations for relevant wellness benefits across a full range of concerns that influence mental well-being including:

  • Hinge Health is a leading provider of digital musculoskeletal care, helping people overcome pain with personalized digital exercise therapy. Hinge Health’s program is proven to reduce pain by 68%, prevent 42% of new opioid prescriptions, and avoid over half of unnecessary joint replacement surgeries.
  • Progyny is redefining fertility and family-building benefits, proving that a comprehensive and inclusive solution can simultaneously benefit employers, patients, and physicians. Progyny’s benefits solution empowers patients with education and guidance from a dedicated Patient Care Advocate, provides access to a premier network of fertility specialists using the latest science and technologies, reduces health care costs for the nation’s leading employers, and drives optimal clinical outcomes.
  • Virta Health, the leader in the reversal of chronic conditions, is creating a new standard in medical care for people living with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or obesity. Virta’s virtual approach combines personalized nutrition therapy with continuous provider-led support to empower members to eliminate medications, lose weight, and take back their lives.
  • And other leading wellness benefit providers.

“Physical and mental health are deeply interdependent, and we know that pain in the body can intensify many psychological conditions, and vice versa. Our program helps people take control of their pain and do more of the activities they love each day,” said Daniel Perez, co-founder and CEO at Hinge Health. “We’re excited to be a part of Lyra’s benefits ecosystem, enabling more people to move through obstacles standing in the way of their health goals.”

“Every day, Progyny’s Patient Care Advocates support our members through the physical and emotional strains of infertility and difficult family building journeys. Far too often, stress, anxiety, and depression occur as patients go through treatment or come across hurdles during their pursuit of family. This may translate into struggles with productivity and overall mental well-being at work,” said Lissa Kline, LCSW, SVP of Member Services at Progyny. “We are excited to be a part of Lyra’s new benefit discovery experience, which complements Progyny’s own and allows members to seamlessly connect between the two so that they get the personalized expert care they need.”

“There is a strong association between depression and anxiety and living with a chronic metabolic condition like diabetes or obesity,” said Dr. Adam Wolfberg, chief medical officer at Virta Health. “In our own data, we see a significant reduction in depressive symptoms among people who improve their diabetes, which is why we are excited to collaborate with Lyra to direct people with metabolic conditions to the right care.”

Mental Health Is Health
“Lyra has demonstrated the meaningful and measurable impact mental health care solutions have on overall health and well-being, making workforce mental health solutions an essential part of employers’ comprehensive benefits strategy,” said Greg de Haaff, vice president, product at Lyra Health. “This announcement represents Lyra’s strong conviction that mental health is health, and the understanding that physical and social well-being can significantly influence a person’s mental wellness. Lyra is once again transforming access to care by providing personalized recommendations for additional benefits that support the whole person.”

About Lyra Health
Lyra Health is the leading provider of Workforce Mental Health benefits, available to more than 15 million people globally. Lyra is transforming access to life-changing mental health care using AI-powered provider matching, personalized support, and a digital platform to deliver evidenced-based support for individuals and teams. Lyra quickly connects members to an exclusive network of mental health providers and well-being tools, to address every mental health need and deliver positive outcomes across race and ethnicity. Independent peer-reviewed research confirms that Lyra’s transformative care model helps people recover twice as fast. For more information about Lyra Health’s Workforce Mental Health benefits for employers, visit

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