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Lyra Health Launches Lyra Clinical Research Team

Expands investment in peer-reviewed inquiry to advance behavioral health care 

[May 17, 2023] – [08:30 AM EST], BURLINGAME, Calif. – Lyra Health, the leading provider of innovative Workforce Mental Health solutions for employers, today introduced Lyra Clinical Research, a dedicated team to further expand Lyra’s industry-leading research in evidence-based behavioral health care in partnership with Lyra Clinical Associates P.C. Led by PhD-level researchers, along with physicians, data scientists, analysts, and independent research consultants, Lyra Clinical Research is committed to improving the quality of mental health care industry-wide through peer-reviewed investigation and publication.

Lyra’s exclusive network of mental health providers offer comprehensive, evidence-based care to more than 15 million people around the world. Lyra’s Workforce Mental Health platform enables anonymized, aggregated insights across millions of sessions to better understand care effectiveness and outcomes and support continued learning and innovation in behavioral health.

To date, Lyra has published 16 peer-reviewed papers using its real-world data, generated across different programs, employment types, and demographic groups. Lyra Clinical Research will continue to expand that work, and published findings will be available to all in an effort to advance mental health care.

New Studies From Lyra Clinical Research
Lyra Clinical Research recently had two peer-reviewed studies examining the impact of Lyra Care published by The Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities and JMIR Formative Research. Lyra Care blends evidence-based therapy or coaching with interactive digital content and exercises, and is proven to help nine out of 10 people get better. Key findings from the recently published peer-reviewed studies include:

  • Lyra Care’s culturally responsive therapy program yields equitable and strong clinical outcomes at scale and across racial and ethnic groups, with clients experiencing statistically significant decreases in symptoms of anxiety and depression (Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities).
  • Lyra Care’s live messaging available in its coaching program has strong clinical benefits for moderate levels of anxiety, with 86 percent of participants experiencing reliable improvement or recovery from anxiety symptoms (JMIR Formative Research).

“Lyra, in partnership with Lyra Clinical Associates, has established a groundbreaking, exclusive network of mental health care providers, supported with ongoing training and oversight from clinical managers who consult on challenging cases and provide exceptional development opportunities,” said Anita Lungu, PhD, vice president of clinical product, Lyra Health. “As providers, we hold ourselves accountable through external reviews of our care models and are proud to have developed programs that yield impressive, validated outcomes. It is our hope that sharing our findings broadly can benefit and advance the mental health industry at large.”

To read more of Lyra Health’s peer-reviewed research, visit

About Lyra Health
Lyra Health is the leading provider of Workforce Mental Health benefits, available to more than 15 million people globally. Lyra is transforming access to life-changing mental health care using AI powered provider matching, personalized support, and an innovative digital platform to deliver evidenced-based support for individuals and teams. Lyra quickly connects members to an exclusive network of mental health providers and well-being tools, to address every mental health need and deliver positive outcomes across race and ethnicity. Independent peer-reviewed research confirms that Lyra’s transformative care model helps people recover twice as fast. For more information on how Lyra can help you create a mentally healthy culture, visit

17 of May 2023 - 2 min read
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