Consent for Coaching


We are excited to welcome you to Lyra Coaching. Please review the information below that provides an overview of the program and guidelines for how to make the best use of it.

Lyra Coaching

Lyra Clinical Associates P.C. (“LCA”) is making Lyra Coaching (also referred to as “Coaching” in the following) available to you. Coaching is a non-therapeutic, active and present focused intervention that helps people make desired changes in their lives and enhance their wellbeing. Coaching is driven by your goals, or what you want to achieve. By partnering with your coach you can strengthen and build skills to better address issues like stress management, excessive anxiety or sadness, relationship difficulties, adjusting to changes, clarifying your goals and values in life, making decisions, getting unstuck from a particular situation, etc.


Coaching will be most effective if you work with your coach as a team. As with any team, each partner needs to contribute for the effort to be successful. Below are descriptions of these contributions.

Your contribution:

  • Commit to actively participate in the program.
  • Attend coaching sessions as agreed, except when you’re ill or during emergencies.
  • Minimize rescheduling and cancellations of sessions and give 24 hours notice for any rescheduling or cancellation of sessions.
  • Actively participate in sessions.
  • Understand that you are free to reject any advice, suggestions, or skills from the coach.
  • Do your best to follow-up on and implement any plans you develop in collaboration with your coach.
  • Understand that the coach is not a psychotherapist.

Coach contribution:

  • Attend all sessions on time and be well prepared to work with you.
  • Collaborate with you in the development of coaching goals and a coaching plan.
  • Be a good listener to your situation and concern.
  • Present core skills for addressing your situation and collaborate on creating an action plan.
  • Check in with you on the action plan and your progress on building skills.
  • Help problem solve any barriers to applying the skills in your life.
  • Maintain confidentiality as described below.
  • Seek supervision or consultation as appropriate.

Length of Coaching

The coaching program is based upon evidence-based practices that have been proven to help clients address concerns like excessive anxiety or sadness. Coaching clients typically work with their coach for one (1) to six (6) sessions, each 45 minutes in length. Most clients notice an initial positive impact of Coaching within the first few sessions. Depending on your eligibility, you and your coach can apply for additional coaching sessions.

Coaching is Different from Therapy

Your coach is not trained as a psychotherapist. Coaching is not a substitute for any form of medically prescribed or therapeutic services (including psychiatric services, psychotherapy, or counseling). Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental health disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. If, during the course of Coaching, psychotherapy is preferred or necessary to address your needs, your coach will connect you with the Lyra care team to identify an appropriate provider.

We do not recommend participation in Coaching if: a) you are currently receiving individual therapy, or b) you have started a medication within the past 6 months for mental health concerns.

The Lyra Website

As part of Coaching you will need to access the Lyra Website to: a) participate in the video or live messaging coaching sessions, b) submit assessments and practices in between sessions, and c) connect with your coach via secure messaging. Your coach will orient you to using the Lyra Website during your first session.

You can decide to have your coaching sessions by phone rather than by video. In this circumstance your coach will call you for the session at the number you provided at registration. You will still need to use the Lyra Website to complete assessments and submit records of coaching practices.

Coaching Assessments

Before your first session, your coach will ask you to answer some questions that will help them better understand your situation and how they can be most helpful. If you do not complete these prior to your first session, you will be asked to complete them during the first 10-15 minutes of your session. Throughout coaching your coach will also assign other assessments to be completed before your sessions to inform your work together.

In-Between Session Communication

If you need to contact your Coach between sessions, please message them within the Lyra Website and they will address them as soon as possible. Your coach checks their messages in the Lyra Website regularly during business hours and will make every effort to return your message within 2 business days. These messages will remain available for thirteen (13) months and then will be deleted.

Emergency Procedures

In a crisis, please call 911, go to the local emergency room. Please do not use the Lyra Care messaging or email if you are experiencing an emergency.

If you experience an emergency during your sessions with your Coach, or if your Coach becomes concerned about your personal safety, the possibility of you injuring someone else, or about you receiving proper psychiatric care, your Coach and LCA will do whatever possible within the limits of the law to prevent you from injuring yourself or others and to ensure that you receive the proper medical care. For this purpose, LCA or your Coach may contact the person whose name you have provided as your emergency contact.


Rescheduling and cancellations of existing sessions negatively impact our coaches availability to book new sessions and help clients. To minimize this impact we ask you to please keep rescheduling and cancellations to a minimum. We also require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule sessions.

If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of a scheduled session, or you do not attend a scheduled session you may be charged a $65.00 Cancellation Fee.


Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us. We want to let you know that when care transitions are indicated, information regarding your care needs (e.g. difficulty sleeping, high stress) may be shared with other members of the Lyra care team in order to help coordinate care. Coaches on the team also consult with one another to make your care even more effective. During consultations coaches make every effort to protect the identity of their clients.

In certain instances your coach may disclose information about your sessions without requiring your consent. These instances include:

  • When there is suspected elder, dependent adult, or child abuse or neglect.
  • When, in the coach’s judgment, you are in danger of harming yourself or another person, or are unable to care for yourself.
  • If you communicate to the coach a serious threat of physical violence against another person, the coach is required by law to inform both potential victims and legal authorities.
  • If the coach is ordered by a court to release information as part of a legal proceeding.
  • As otherwise required by law.

If you experience an emergency during your sessions with your coach, your coach will take appropriate steps to ensure your safety and help get you to the appropriate care. In the cases where your coach becomes concerned about your personal safety or the possibility of you injuring someone else, the coach may need to disclose information to a third party in order to prevent you from injuring yourself or others and/or to refer you to appropriate medical care.
For more information, see Lyra’s Privacy Policy and Lyra Clinical Associate P.C.’s HIPAA Notice. If you have additional questions about how Lyra protects your privacy, you can also email

Video Coaching Technology

We make every effort to ensure a seamless and secure experience for your sessions, however there are potential risks to this video technology, including interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. If you experience a situation where you are not confident of the continued security or quality of your session, such as interference with your signal, poor quality of the video, or continued interruptions, you or your coach can discontinue the session. In order to have the best results for coaching sessions, you should be in a quiet place with limited interruptions when you start the session.

Live Messaging Sessions

Some coaches offer sessions via Live Messaging. These sessions are scheduled and the messages are stored in your message section on the Lyra site. All messages stored in your message section are available for thirteen (13) months and then deleted.

Video Recording

Your coach will record the coaching video sessions with your permission using the Lyra Website for ongoing quality improvement and for quality assurance of our services. If you do not want your session recorded, please let your coach know at any point during the session and the recording up to that point will be deleted. When you give your permission and the sessions are recorded, the recordings are kept for 2 weeks and then deleted.

Research, Writing, Teaching

Your coach and others at LH conduct internal research, training, and supervision. Your coach may use information about you and your care in any of these ways. Your coach or others at LH may also prepare publications for professional and/or lay audiences; any information about your care would be used only in an anonymized and/or de-identified way for these publications.

Open Communication

It is important for your coach that your needs are being met in the program and that you are getting the most out of your coaching experience. If for any reason you consider this is not happening, please let the coach or the Lyra care team know immediately so we can make adjustments or consider alternative ways to improve your care experience.

Social Media

LCA believes that adding clients as friends or contacts on any social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) can compromise your confidentiality and you and your coach’s respective privacy. As such coaches do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). If you have questions about this, please discuss them with your coach.

By accepting, you are confirming that you have read and understood this agreement and have had your questions answered to your satisfaction. You accept, understand, and agree to abide by the contents and terms of this agreement and consent to participate.