Inclusive support for better mental health

At Lyra, we care for everything, from mild stress and poor sleep to racial trauma, anxiety, and depression. Support is 100% confidential.

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Our providers are here for you

You deserve mental health care that’s inclusive, and a mental health coach or therapist who understands your unique history
and experience. That’s why we offer:

  • Access to providers with diverse backgrounds
and identities
  • Research-backed care proven to help you
overcome life’s challenges
  • In-person or virtual appointments
  • Fast access to appointments and easy booking
  • Care for your whole family

Self-care is an important part of Black mental health

Practicing regular self-care can help you honor a rich cultural heritage and identity, while also supporting your mental and physical wellness along the way. With Lyra Essentials, you can access free self-care content that includes short videos, meditations, breathing exercises, and articles to help you celebrate your authentic self.

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Black mental health resources

Thriving in the Face of Minority Stress

Discover ways to prioritize your
well-being and affirm your identity
in the face of stressors.

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Debunking Misconceptions About Black Mental Health

Explore misconceptions about Black mental health and how they can keep people stuck in a cycle of pain.

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Overcoming Barriers: Getting Support for Black Mental Health

Learn how to overcome barriers to mental health and get the support you need to thrive.

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It’s time to prioritize your mental health

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