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Report: The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on US Workers

The coronavirus pandemic is a global health crisis unlike any we have experienced in our lifetimes. As the virus has swept across the United States, many states have responded by issuing stay-at-home advisories and limiting non-essential business functions. The ripple effect on the economy has also been widespread, even in areas where the direct impact of coronavirus has been minimal.

As companies adapt business practices to safeguard their workers’ health and well-being, there is one major repercussion of the pandemic that may fly under the radar: employees’ mental health. Millions of Americans are now facing the pressures of adapting to working under stressful new conditions, juggling full-time work and child care, and concerns about their health, safety, and job security.

Mental health concerns are on the rise

To take the pulse of the state of mental health in these extraordinary times, Lyra Health recently surveyed 450 therapists and mental health coaches who are treating clients experiencing fear, anxiety, and depression. The survey revealed a surge in mental health issues during this pandemic.

Sixty percent of providers surveyed reported a worsening of symptoms such as nervousness, loneliness, sleep issues, and depression. And 81 percent of Lyra providers said that the pandemic affected their clients’ work and productivity. Even more alarming, Lyra has seen a significant increase in individuals who are reporting thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

As employers consider how to best support their employees, mental health resources are critical amid this unprecedented public health and economic crisis. Download the full report on our recent findings to learn more about prevalent mental health issues during this pandemic, as well as best practices to support workforce mental health.


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By The Lyra Team
4 of May 2020 - 1 min read
Mental health at work
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