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Transitioning From Family Medicine to Mental Health

Renee DeLaTorre, MD was looking for a career change. As a family medicine-trained physician working at a primary care clinic, she found the 15-minute appointments with her patients too short and the days too long. Renee is a mental health advocate and knew she wanted her next role to be in telemedicine, so she started her search there.

We hope you enjoy the following interview with Renee, where she shares what it was like to take the leap from family medicine to mental health care in a virtual care environment.

It sounds like you were actively seeking change and open to opportunities in the mental health care space. What excited you about the telemedicine physician opportunity at Lyra? 

Lyra stood out to me because it was putting patients first and giving autonomy to physicians to work the way we want to. It’s an innovative company with a lot of new and exciting ideas and visions for the future of helping patients. It’s not the same “hamster wheel” of medicine. I also liked that the job description said, “Would you like to learn from psychiatrists? Would you like to help patients? And would you like to make a difference using telemedicine?”

What are some of your favorite things about working with Lyra? 

Time for care: Lyra gives you the time and space to spend with your patients in order to really get to know them and provide the best possible treatment. I love not having to feel rushed when I conduct intakes and follow-ups and I know the patients appreciate it too.

Culture: The culture and community are exciting. You can feel the energy that your colleagues, mentors, and supervisors have around helping patients. You can feel that Lyra wants to make the experience as good as it can be for the physicians, patients, and everyone involved in care.

Remote work: I like to work from home and have the freedom to make my schedule the way I want it.

Growth: I like where Lyra is headed. It’s wonderful to be part of this amazing company that’s growing and looking toward the future. We’re using technology as a resource to provide care for patients where they need it.

What has surprised you the most since joining Lyra? 

We have the freedom to take time with our patients, which is unique, especially in the telemedicine world where it’s so much about productivity. At Lyra, it’s not about how many patients you can see, it’s about outcomes. Lyra gives you the time you need to be able to really help patients.

When you think about telemedicine, you wonder if this is something that’s long-term. The way that Lyra has set up the space for us to work feels like it is sustainable. It’s exciting to be part of something really big. It feels like the future of medicine and mental health care.

Interested in transitioning your career into mental health care? Click here to learn more and apply for the Mental Health Telemedicine Physician role.

Dr. Renee DeLaTorre is a board-certified family medicine physician from San Antonio, Texas. She works with Lyra as part of the blended care medications team. Renee’s experience working with underserved patients with limited access to resources ignited her interest in providing compassionate mental health care to a diverse patient population. In her spare time, she loves reading, walking trails, and spending time with her husband and 2-year-old son.

By Renee DeLaTorre, MD
Mental Health Telemedicine Physician, Lyra Health
27 of October 2022 - 2 min read
Working at Lyra
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