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DEIB & mental health: Building an inclusive culture for high-performing organizations

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are now top priorities for employers, touching every facet of the workplace — including mental health benefits.  

We surveyed leaders at Lyra’s customer partners, including Facebook, Asurion, and BBH, for tips on enhancing your workplace’s DEIB initiatives and making your employees feel like they belong.

Key DEIB strategies from high-performing organizations

Over the past year, Lyra has also prioritized building effective, inclusive DEIB initiatives of our own, and we’re eager to share what we’ve learned so far. 

Top companies know that DEIB initiatives are an investment in the long-term strength of your company. As Lyra’s Director of DEIB Cierra Gillison explains, “[DEIB] is not just for your black and brown employees; it’s for everyone.”

Build a strong, inclusive culture by:

  • Giving employees accessible, effective mental health care
  • Offering additional support for race-based stress
  • Prioritizing retention and inclusion of underrepresented employees
  • And more
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