Lyra and ICAS unite under one brand to set a new global standard for workforce mental health.
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How is Lyra different from competitors?

Transparency, consistent quality, innovation and results

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Lyra is the proven innovator compared to competitors

Lyra supports over 10 million members with the nation’s largest 100% evidence-based provider network made up of 12,000 providers

Lyra Facts

88% of Lyra members recover/clinically improve based on the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 clinical measures

Top four ways Lyra is different

While many mental health companies talk about
quality and comprehensive care, Lyra fully delivers.


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Complete and Comprehensive

With Lyra, no one is left behind. Lyra supports all members, including children ages 0-17, and offers Guided Self-Care, Mental Health Coaching, and mental wellness tools in addition to therapy and medication management.

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Reliably evidence based

Lyra consistently provides effective evidence-based care. Sixteen published papers prove our quality is real. We’ll even agree to give you some money back if your member population doesn’t make enough clinical improvement.

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Blended Care for better member results

Not only does Lyra solve the access problem, we transform the actual care delivered to members. Our proprietary Lyra Care offering enables members to get better, faster.

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Transparent pricing and utilization

With Lyra, you pay when your members get care. Unfortunately, other companies will make you pay a flat rate regardless of how many members engage—and oftentimes member engagement is lower than promised.

How do other benefit leaders approach evaluating Lyra vs. competitors?

Hear how two benefit leaders came to understand which modern mental health care benefit was right for their employees and what the tradeoffs looked like.

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At the surface, it can be hard to tell the difference between two mental health benefits

Take a look at how Lyra compares

Features Competitor Lyra
Support for children ages 0-17   +4,400 providers that specialize in supporting children and adolescents
National in-person network   97 percent of members have Lyra in-person providers in < 20 mi
Complete preventative care suite   95 percent of Lyra members with moderate stress symptoms in mental health coaching recovered or clinically improved
Blended Care innovation   Over 3x more effective than traditional health plans
Four published, third-party validated studies   Published research on :
– Lyra therapy
– Lyra Care Therapy
– Lyra Mental Health Coaching
– Lyra support for suicidal members
Transparent pricing that encourages utilization   Lyra prices primarily based on utilization so that you pay when members receive care


Read why an automotive group chose Lyra over a lower priced competitor

It had something to do with Lyra’s employee experience focused on removing barriers to care, the transparent pricing model, and unwavering quality.

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What does comprehensive mental health care look like?

It includes a complete suite of preventative care and smart care recommendations based on each member’s unique needs

Mental wellness tools

On-demand, self-led support for members, including dependents and children, on topics like meditation, stress, and improving sleep.


Guided Self-Care with a coach

Low-stigma preventative care. Same-day consultation + a six-week core plan crafted by their Lyra coach to learn at their own pace.



Mental Health Coaching

Lyra coaches use clinically proven techniques in sessions to support members with stress, life transitions, and mild-moderate anxiety


Mental Health Therapy

Lyra therapists treat complex clinical conditions like PTSD and eating disorders for young children, teens, couples, and families.


Mental Health Medication

Evidence-based prescribing that starts with a 90-min consultation, tracks, symptoms, and provides support between sessions.