Why an Automotive Group Chose Lyra for Top-Gear Mental Health Benefits

A leading automotive company, known for offering top-notch benefits to its 9,700 employees, realized its mental health offering wasn’t keeping up with demand. Despite spending $5 million a year on mental health with their EAP, people were still suffering, and the EAP didn’t share data showing whether treatments were effective.

After evaluating several replacement options, the company chose Lyra to give their employees (and their families) fast access to evidence-based care. Now, employees are more likely to use their benefit — with less health care spend overall.

Download the case study to learn:

  • Why Lyra stood out among the competition, even with lower-priced options 
  • How the company found a mental health benefit that employees actually want to use 
  • The difference between the two most popular pricing methods — and why you should care