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Expanding provider network

How FirstBank is bridging mental health for rural employees

Company Size Nearly 2,900 employees
Industry Banking services
Headquarters Colorado

Founded in 1963, FirstBank has spent the last 60 years building its reputation as a place that is dedicated to banking for good—and it’s worked. With over 100 locations across rural and urban Colorado, Arizona, and California, FirstBank has nearly 2,900 employees and has been recognized as a Top Workplace by the Denver Post for the eleventh consecutive year and was named one of Arizona Republic’s Top Workplaces.

FirstBank’s more rural employees faced significant barriers to care including limited provider availability and a lack of culturally diverse provider options. An increase in customer service challenges and distressing events required a responsive and effective mental health partner. FirstBank launched Lyra in 2022 to boost their provider network availability, with a focus on culturally responsive care. Lyra is onsite within 24 hours of any critical incident to provide immediate mental health care support.

FirstBank employee satisfaction rate
on average for the first available appointment with a Lyra provider
of FirstBank employees are instantly matched with a provider
“The biggest thing we’ve heard from our employees is ‘thank you for choosing Lyra, because I can see a therapist and it doesn’t take me six weeks.’ It’s not feasible to ask someone in a mental health crisis to wait six weeks before they can talk to someone.”
Giana Benson
Benefits Supervisor

Customer story

Access to high-quality providers, no matter where you live
Lyra’s expansive global provider network allows employees to find the right care when and where it’s needed. “Mental health providers are often unavailable in our mountain communities,” said Alaina Gearhart, Benefits Associate Manager at FirstBank. “We heard from our employees that they were struggling to find quality care in a timely manner. Lyra has allowed us to expand our mental health options for employees and their families to ensure they can seek care within a reasonable timeframe. That felt like a really good culture fit and aligned well with our core values.”

Culturally responsive care for all
Finding a network of diverse providers was a key priority for FirstBank when selecting a new mental health care solution. “Lyra provides a very diverse network of providers that our people can go to and feel comfortable,” said Gearhart. “Whether it’s a similar background, nationality, or language, Lyra’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion stood out to us.”

Onsite support within a day
FirstBank’s customer-facing employees can experience tough situations, which require swift support. “We are faced with some unique challenges since we work with the public,” said Gearhart. “We wanted to promote a service that helps provide mental well-being, not only for potentially escalated situations, but also for those experiencing stress and anxiety. To be able to trust Lyra to have resources and walk our employees through the next steps in their mental health journey has been a rewarding experience.”

Finding a “culture-fit” mental health partner
FirstBank knew that finding a mental health partner that matched our values meant our employees would be in good hands. “You know it’s a great solution when a partner’s culture matches your own,” said Gearhart. “Lyra is very employee-centric, and we feel like this organization is reflective of FirstBank’s “banking for good” mission.

Here’s what FirstBank employees say about Lyra:
“Lyra has helped me get the help I need and connected me with an amazing therapist, for free. Thank you. Literally life-changing.”

“My Lyra coach already has me thinking and working on some of the things we talked about after just 45 minutes. I’m thankful to have started coaching and am excited to see where it takes me!”

“Thank you for making it easier than ever to obtain mental health services. Lyra brings it all directly to you in one spot. You don’t even have to get out of bed! Thank you, Lyra!”

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