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Strengthening emotional resilience

How lululemon is innovating mental health for retail

Company Size 29,000+
Industry Retail
Headquarters Vancouver, Canada

As a best-in-class performance and wellness brand, lululemon’s north star is to help customers and employees “be well in every aspect of their lives—physically, mentally, and socially.”

Retail companies face high industry-wide turnover and in recent years, frontline retail workers have dealt with traumatic and challenging work environments. With Lyra’s support, lululemon has strengthened the emotional resilience and retention of its workforce.

2 days statistics on Lululemon To first available session with a Lyra provider
99% Lululemon Stat Of employees are instantly matched with a Lyra provider
4.8/5 graph Average satisfaction rate of members who engage with Lyra
“We can’t go at this alone. We lean on Lyra’s team as a thought partner. I believe Lyra will continue to be at the forefront of ‘what’s next’ in this space, and to be in good company with other customers of Lyra’s is a good thing.”
John Le headshot
John Le
Senior Director of Health and Wealth

Customer story

Customized mental health strategies for diverse employee populations are crucial for lululemon.
lululemon’s diverse workforce includes part-time retail workers, distribution and call center employees, and corporate teams. “A one-size-fits-all approach to mental health won’t work for our varied employee populations,” said Le. “We have to be really deliberate in how we support each of these groups. A flexible strategy with unique resources for each population is super important. With Lyra, we can do different things for different groups, in addition to therapy, from virtual webinars to onsite support.”

lululemon’s retail stores require an agile partner for critical incidents. 
With Lyra’s resources, lululemon has supported 150+ critical incidents in stores, bringing a provider onsite within 24 hours to help employees process their emotions after challenging situations like active shooters, robberies, and other safety issues.

lululemon saw increased satisfaction and outcomes with mental health benefits like Lyra. 
“Our biggest win this year is that mental health is now our priority, from the top down,” said Tracy Taylor, lululemon’s benefits program manager. “The retention we’ve seen and the happiness scores on our employee surveys throughout our company show that our mental health programs, including Lyra, are working.”

lululemon has made mental health a foundational part of its business. 
“Mental health is core to our business and authentically modeled at lululemon,” said Le. “We’re doing a lot around mental health and wellness. This is an area we chose to win in as a company and want to lead. Lyra has been a big part of that.”

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