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Attracting and retaining talent

How PatientPoint leverages Lyra as part of its total rewards strategy to attract, support, and retain talent

Company Size 600
Industry Information Technology
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois

PatientPoint is the trusted partner for tech-enabled patient engagement solutions that enhance the patient experience across the entire care journey. The company creates more effective doctor-patient interactions and delivers high value for patients, providers, and health care sponsors. Through 140,000 unique health care provider relationships, PatientPoint’s solutions impact roughly 750 million patient visits each year.

PatientPoint launched Lyra in 2022 as a way to bolster its total rewards strategy so the company could attract and retain top talent.

2 days stat Is the average wait time to a first available Lyra appointment, compared to 25 days nationally
75 percent stat Of members saw measurable improvement with Lyra’s same-day, guided self-care tools
9.5X stat Higher engagement with Lyra compared to traditional EAP
"I have worked with Lyra at a $5B company and now with a smaller company. Today’s workforce and their families need mental health access and resources. Regardless of company revenue or size, the offerings and high-touch service from Lyra remain the same—exceptional!"
Melissa McMahon
Melissa McMahon
Chief People Officer


Customer story

PatientPoint seeks a new mental health solution to tackle burnout and stress.
“We were moving quickly, we knew that we needed to modernize our offerings to meet people in their place of need. We’re dealing with things that we’ve never had to before in the history of work,” said McMahon. PatientPoint sought a mental health partner that could be as agile as it was in providing immediate access to care, offering timely resources, and providing evidence-based treatments that were proven to deliver results. After researching its options for mental health benefits, PatientPoint found the partner it needed in Lyra and rolled out the benefit to its employees and families in January 2022.

PatientPoint leverages Lyra to compete for and keep top talent.
“Active job searchers often have two or more offers in hand. So we’re doing something called ‘The Great Return,’ which is our strategy to bring our regrettable loss departures back. For people who have voluntarily left in the past two years, we’re using our enhanced benefits as part of our messaging to bring them back. We’re telling them that in the past two years, we’ve modernized our benefits and now offer things like Lyra to support them. We’re laser focused on taking care of our people personally and professionally,” said McMahon.

Lyra partners closely with PatientPoint to provide workforce mental health support in addition to coaching and therapy.
In addition to clinically proven therapy and mental health coaching, Lyra delivers guided learning and development tools, monthly mental health resources, and personalized content for PatentPoint to share with employees. “Lyra is always two steps ahead of us in providing timely resources, communication, and an easy-to-implement roadmap for successfully leveraging the partnership. They provide success-in-a-box. It isn’t like once you’ve implemented Lyra, they’re gone. They send content and offering reminders on a regular basis; they’re going to nudge you and support you. It’s a true partnership,” said McMahon.

In just three months, PatientPoint has seen meaningful results with Lyra.
PatientPoint has seen 9.5 times higher engagement with Lyra compared to traditional EAPs, with an average time of two days to the first available session for members. Seventy-five percent of the company’s members showed meaningful, measurable improvement with Lyra’s guided self-care tools—which offer on-demand, evidence-based support for mild mental health challenges, designed for those who are hesitant to get started with therapy or who may not need that level of care.

Overall, companies that have partnered with Lyra have seen 50 percent lower turnover and 70 percent improved productivity from employees.
“As we have modernized our benefits, Lyra has been one of the most impactful and talked-about resources for our teammates and their families,” said McMahon.

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