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Prioritizing quality care

How Sheppard Mullin supports the mental health of law professionals

A man and a woman working together in an office
Company Size 1,600
Industry Law
Headquarters Los Angeles, California

Sheppard Mullin is a global AmLaw 100 law firm with more than 1,000 attorneys across 16 offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The firm’s clients include nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies in the U.S.

Demanding hours and stressful work environments often have detrimental effects on the mental health of attorneys. Unsatisfied with its EAP’s inability to meet the unique needs of legal professionals, Sheppard Mullin launched Lyra in June 2021 as a comprehensive mental health solution to combat this industry-wide issue.

2 days stat Is the average wait time to a first available Lyra appointment, compared to 25 days nationally
99 percent stat Of employees are instantly matched with a Lyra provider
100 percent stat Of employees are satisfied or very satisfied with the care they received from their Lyra provider
“Not all mental health solutions are effective at actually helping people get clinically better. If a solution is telling you that they can consistently solve people’s mental health challenges in just two to three visits, they’re not being truthful.”
Thomas Adrian
Thomas Adrian
Director of HR Operations

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Customer story

Sheppard Mullin’s EAP wasn’t effective at connecting people to care.
“We found that no matter what health plan we offered, access to quality mental health care was not easy to come by for our already very busy employees. If employees don’t have access to this type of care, employers are impacted and paying for it anyway via other claims,” Adrian said. With Lyra, Sheppard Mullin employees can see a provider within an average of just two days, and have the option of finding an appointment that fits into their schedule.

A true path to full mental health recovery requires more than just three sessions.
Sheppard Mullin integrated Lyra into their health plan, ensuring employees can receive care with the same provider for as many sessions as they need to ensure full and lasting recovery. “If you find a provider that’s truly helping you, it would be extremely disruptive to max out your sessions and potentially have to discontinue care or find a different provider. So for us to be able to integrate Lyra with the health plan and be able to provide that continuous care with the same provider on an ongoing basis and ensure that our people actually get better for the long term, is huge,” said Adrian.

Lyra responds in-the-moment to Sheppard Mullin’s unique mental health needs.
There is no shortage of unexpected, distressing events in the world today, and Lyra helps Sheppard Mullin guide its people through difficult times that impact overall workforce mental health. “Our customer success manager is nothing short of amazing. She’s worked with us closely to help us navigate challenging times, including getting on-site mental health support quickly. Lyra was there and ready to go when we needed it,” said Adrian.

Sheppard Mullin builds a positive and attractive company culture with Lyra.
“Associates make the same amount of money at most big law firms, so how do you set yourself apart? How do you make that culture different? We’ve approached this by weaving wellness and mental health care into our culture, and Lyra helps us do that,” said Adrian. One hundred percent of Sheppard Mullin employees who responded to Lyra’s satisfaction survey were satisfied or very satisfied with the care they received from their Lyra provider.

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