Navigating grief? Lyra is here for you

You don’t have to experience grief alone. Learn about resources that can support you in your journey to life after loss.

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How Lyra can help

You deserve mental health care that’s inclusive, and a mental health coach or therapist who understands your unique history
and experience. That’s why we offer:

  • Access to diverse providers with expertise
  • Research-backed care proven to support you after loss
  • In-person or virtual appointments, with easy booking
  • Care for the whole family, including couples and children
  • Our supportive team of care navigators, available 24/7
  • Digital intake which matches you to the right level of care

Mindful breathing meditation

Inhale calm and exhale clarity through this breath-focused meditation. Take a few moments to foster mindfulness, relax your body, and renew your sense of inner peace. Elevate your well-being—one breath at a time.

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Resources to help you cope

How to Process Grief After the Loss of a Loved One

Learn about the different types of grief, and how processing grief can help move toward healing.

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How Grief Counseling Helps You Heal

Grief counseling can help you accept loss and move forward with more resilience.

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How to Support Someone Who Is Grieving

Learn how to spot signs of grief and grief triggers in someone who’s experienced loss.

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Care for yourself during your grief journey

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