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Real-world evaluation of a large-scale blended care-cognitive behavioral therapy program for symptoms of anxiety and depression

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Prior studies have supported the effectiveness of blended interventions for anxiety and depression; however, outcomes research of large-scale blended interventions for these conditions is limited.


To investigate the outcomes of scaled-up blended care (BC) cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a program that combined video-based psychotherapy with internet CBT, for symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Participants were 6,738 U.S.-based adults with elevated symptoms of anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 [GAD-7] ≥ 8) and/or depression (Patient Health Questionnaire-9 [PHQ-9] ≥ 10) at baseline who received BC-CBT as an employer-offered mental health benefit. The primary outcomes, anxiety (GAD-7) and depression (PHQ-9) symptoms, were routinely measured in the program. Recovery and reliable improvement in outcomes were calculated, and growth curve models evaluated change in outcomes during treatment and the effects of engaging in psychotherapy sessions on outcomes.


On average, participants received treatment for 7.6 (standard deviation = 6.2) weeks. By the end of care, 5,491 (81.5%) participants had reliable improvement in either anxiety or depression symptoms; in addition, 5,535 (82.1%) fell below the clinical threshold for either anxiety or depression symptoms (i.e., recovered). Declines in anxiety and depression symptoms were statistically significant over the course of BC-CBT (both p's < 0.01), with the rate of decline significantly decreasing for each outcome as treatment progressed (both p's < 0.01). Each psychotherapy session completed was significantly associated with lower anxiety and depression symptoms during the week of the session and the subsequent week (all p's < 0.01).


This real-world study provides evidence that scaled-up BC-CBT can be effective in the treatment of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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