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New Study: High-Quality Mental Health Care Boosts Employee Retention

As record numbers of workers are resigning, employers are looking for better ways to recruit and retain top talent. The one retention strategy that is often overlooked might be the most powerful—providing accessible, effective mental health benefits.

New Study: Hight-quality Mental Health Care Boosts Employee Retention thumbnail

High-quality mental health care at work = higher retention

According to a new study, “Impact of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy on Employee Retention: A Cohort Study on Employer-Sponsored Mental Health Care,” published in Medical Research Archives, employees are more likely to stay in a role when they have access to evidence-based mental health care. However, not all mental health benefits have the same benefits on employee retention.

In this clinical overview discover:

  • The three pillars of high-quality mental health care
  • The impact of therapy vs. traditional health care plans on retention
  • If your current mental health care solution is effective for your organization