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2024 State of Workforce Mental Health Report

For four years, we’ve surveyed benefits leaders and employees to understand their experiences, views, and plans regarding workplace mental health. Explore this year’s results and strategies for healthier teams and stronger organizations.

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Nearly four years after COVID-19, employees face a daunting task: managing the aftermath of a global crisis while balancing their work and personal lives. Yet, with mounting stressors like inflation, mass layoffs, and a feeling of helplessness amid international wars and climate-related disasters, employees need more support—and proactive organizations are taking action now.

For Lyra Health’s fourth annual State of Workforce Mental Health Report, we surveyed employee benefits leaders and thousands of employees from a variety of industries across the globe to understand how these stressors impact their work and their lives.

In this report:

  • Explore the top insights garnered from the results of our global annual survey
  • Learn key actions employers can take to support employee mental health
  • Discover the essential factors to consider when evaluating mental health benefits for a global workforce