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Why a Culture of Mental Wellness Is Key to Your Employee Experience Strategy

Most employees feel a strong workplace culture is more important than salary—but you can’t build a healthy culture without the right support. Learn why organization-wide mental health support is key to helping both employees and companies flourish.

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It’s a new era for mental health at work.

Workplace perks and short-term fixes are no longer enough. Most job seekers (91%) believe that a company’s culture should support mental health, but culture change requires specialized expertise and resources. So what can organizations do to build a broader work culture that promotes mental wellness?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to combat stigma and normalize conversations about mental health at work
  • How to foster a sense of connection and belonging
  • How to build mental health literacy so all employees have the tools to prioritize their well-being
  • What managers need to lead in a way that promotes mental health.