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How Burnout is Costing Your Company Money–And What to Do About It

The failure to support employees’ mental health is even more costly than you might expect. Learn about the surprising financial impact of employee burnout and how managers can best support their team members.

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You’ll learn about:

Burnout is expensive. Invest in the people that make your business great.

A single disengaged employee can cost businesses anywhere from $25-$100k to replace. Disengagement is a hallmark symptom of workplace burnout, in addition to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and turnover. This short guide provides a holistic approach to burnout prevention, including ways to support your workforce’s emotional health, which could save your company from experiencing significant costs.

In this guide explore:

  • Statistics highlighting the expensive consequences of burnout
  • How managers can demonstrate empathy and compassion
  • How to model positive self-care practices
  • How to prioritize psychological safety and mental wellness